Repairs & Maintenance (Including AMC’s)

AROS is a complete IT service and Support provider that offers solutions from cabling infrastructure to managed helpdesk and enterprise level support. We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding service levels by ensuring we have consistently fast response time, and fix resolution rate.

The primary service of the establishment is to provide repairs for printers, plotters, scanners, Copier, Desktop, Laptop, UPS and other peripheral devices. Our technicians are expertly trained in repairing and servicing wide range of printers, plotters, scanners, Copier, Desktop, Laptop, UPS etc. Component level repairs are performed on boards, power supplies etc. Jobs are carried out to the full satisfaction of the customer and warranty is provided for the jobs executed based on the work carried out. We maintain an exhaustive inventory of spares of all old as well as new systems & printers.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC’s) is designed to save money and minimize time by reducing the probability of problems ever manifesting themselves in a computer network environment. It is designed for customers who want automated maintenance of their computers systems and peripherals at a reasonable cost.

Reason to go for Printer AMC’s

  1. Reduction in the annual to & fro cost of product.
  2. Reduction in keeping infrastructural cost. (Engineers, spares, coordinating systems, consumables)
  3. Will help in customer’s confidence, by giving skilled service at door step.
  4. Availability of standby units in emergency cases.
  5. Reduction in every time search for different service center areas.

Our benefits

  1. Volume always creates time management profit. (Our technician can have more calls at one time)
  2. Spare stocking cost will be reduced. We will always have
    funds to invest in more engineering & standby units.

Our technicians are equipped with all the necessary spares, tools and awareness required for effective maintenance of systems designed with most sophisticate technologies. Contract training is imparted to keep all our staff fit and trim in the ways of latest technologies.

It is our responsibility and level best endeavor to keep the downtime of servers, nodes and printers at the lowest. To meet this end, we maintain a sizeable inventory of all required spares such as monitor, printers, motherboards, hard disk, SMPS’s Hubs, LAN cards, Flash memory and so on, that can be replaced on site and hence effectively minimized the downtime of your systems.