Data Recovery & Anti virus support

AROS is a complete IT service and Support provider that offers solutions from cabling infrastructure to managed helpdesk and enterprise level support. We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding service levels by ensuring we have consistently fast response time, and fix resolution rate.

Safety and security of your data is of prime importance. We have been successfully recovering data from every type of computer storage media when faced with such problems. Our technical expertise include hard disk and server recovery. We quickly resolve all combination of logical and physical problems such as hard disk crash, controller failure, file delete, O/S reinstall, upgrade failure, restore failure etc. No files – No charge: Charges applicable when you have agreed with our quotation and you accept the recovery results presented. If no files are recovered, no recovery fee is charged. If there is a partial recovery, you decide to either accept the recovery as presented for the quoted price or decline the recovery fee charged. We have the expert people to come to your office or home to fix up your computer virus problems. Under this we do the following:

  • Computer scanning for virus.
  • Cleaning unlimited number of infected files.
  • Installing antivirus software.
  • Updating antivirus software as and when required